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UPDATE: Puppy Yoga Event Raises a Pawsome €208 for ACE Animal Rescue

Updated: Apr 23

UPDATE 23/4/24 I have some wonderful news! All the pups who participated in our puppy yoga session have now found homes, except one: Nieves! If anyone is looking for a new dog, please consider adopting from ACE!

Thank you ACE and all the participants for being part of this special event.

Over the weekend, yoga mats were unrolled, downward dogs were struck, and hearts were warmed as yogis came together for a special event: Puppy Yoga hosted by ACE Animal Rescue and Asana Tribe Yoga. This delightful fusion of yoga and furry companionship not only brought smiles to participants' faces but also raised an incredible €208 in donations for the animal shelter as well as donations of blankets and towels.

The event, held at the local Nutrition Club, the Life Lounge, saw yoga enthusiasts and animal lovers alike coming together to stretch, meditate, and bond with adorable puppies. As participants flowed through their asanas, puppies roamed around, adding an extra element of joy and playfulness to the practice.

But beyond the fun and relaxation, the event had a deeper purpose. ACE Animal Rescue, dedicated to rescuing and rehoming animals in need, used the opportunity to raise awareness about their ongoing efforts. Currently, there are 400 dogs and 200 cats at ACE eagerly awaiting their forever homes. These animals come from various backgrounds, some abandoned, others rescued from neglect or abuse, all deserving of love and care.

For those who couldn't attend the Puppy Yoga event but still want to support ACE Charity's mission, there are multiple ways to help. Donations, like the €208 raised during the event, play a crucial role in providing food, shelter, medical care, and rehabilitation for these animals. Every euro makes a difference in improving their lives and increasing their chances of finding loving families.

Moreover, adoption is another impactful way to make a difference. By opening your heart and home to a furry friend from ACE, you will not only gain a loyal companion but also save an animal from a life in a cage, yearning for love and affection. If you're ready to welcome a new addition to your family, consider adopting from ACE Charity. Visit their website at to learn more about the adoption process and meet the animals currently available for adoption. You can also contact them to volunteer at the rescue centre and even spend time playing with and walking the dogs.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these deserving animals. Whether through donations, adoptions, or simply spreading the word, let's come together to ensure that every dog and cat at ACE finds the loving home they deserve. Let's make their dreams of a forever home a reality.

With your support, we can make a significant impact on the lives of these animals. Let's spread the word and work together to find loving homes for all 400 dogs and 200 cats at ACE Charity.

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