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Mijas Yoga Hikes 2023

Come and discover yoga in nature in the beautiful mountains above Mijas Pueblo. Disconnect from the constant connectivity of technology and rediscover a connection with yourself through our three-hour yoga and hiking experience. Immerse yourself in the stunning views and sounds of nature while practising yoga.


Our guided hike will lead us to a disused historic marble quarry that overlooks the picturesque Mediterranean coastline. Here, surrounded by spectacular views, we will embark on a yoga session. This unique experience allows you to connect with nature while finding inner peace and tranquillity.


This yoga class is suitable for all levels, requiring only a good level of fitness for the intermediate-level hike. Join us for the original Mijas Yoga hike and discover the serenity of practising yoga in beautiful natural surroundings.


Private group bookings are also available, offering a personalized experience for you and your companions.

Mijas Yoga Hikes Calle San Sebastian

Experience The Route

Mijas Yoga Hikes Hermita del Calvario

Embark on a scenic journey starting from the main square of Plaza Virgen de la Peña in Mijas Pueblo. We'll walk through the charming white village of Mijas, following the sloping path of Calle San Sebastián that weaves between village houses. As we emerge onto a main road, we'll begin our hiking route.


The hike takes approximately 40-45 minutes on an uneven uphill path. The pace is easygoing, and after around 20-30 minutes, we'll reach the Ermita del Calvario, a historic sanctuary where we'll pause to admire the panoramic views.

Continuing uphill on steeper paths, we'll come across the Cantera del Barrio, an abandoned marble quarry that once played a significant role in the local economy. This quarry provided the white marble used in the construction of iconic structures like the Cathedral of Malaga and Seville.


At the quarry, we'll enjoy a 60-minute yoga session and relaxation on the smooth, flat slabs of marble, facing the Mediterranean Sea. Immerse yourself in the peaceful tranquillity of the surroundings as you connect your mind and body through yoga. All skill levels are welcome.


Afterward, we'll take an easier, less rocky path back toward the Plaza, where the hike concludes.


Experience the beauty of nature and find inner balance with our yoga and hiking adventure above Mijas Pueblo. Book your spot now and enjoy this unique experience in the Mijas mountains.

Mijas Yoga Hikes Cantera del Barrio
Yoga Hike Route.png

MEET: 10:00 am

Bar Mijas, Plaza Virgen de la Peña, Mijas Pueblo

RETURN: 12:30 pm 

Plaza Virgen de la Peña,

Mijas Pueblo








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