"Asana" means pose in Sanskrit which is the ancient language of Hinduism and Buddhism. Yoga is a practice that originates from India and consists of a series of asanas that help you to connect to your mind, breath and body.

At Asana Tribe Yoga I teach people, not poses.


I offer in-person classes in Mijas Pueblo, Fuengirola, as well as private and group classes online through Zoom and in person.

My focus is to make each of the poses accessible for you as each body is different and each person has different abilities. I am not here just to teach you how to get into the pose but also to encourage you to obtain the maximum benefit from each Asana and enable you to discover movement, strength, and power within. 

Classes incorporate slow Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin flow sequences which encourage movement and flexibility in all areas of your body as well as a sense of connection between your mind and body.

Discover the many benefits of yoga including:


A sense of calm in this hectic world

Freedom of movement, flexibility and mobility

Greater focus and concentration

Empowerment and strength

Self-compassion and kindness

A sense of wellbeing 

A release of aches and pains

Improved balance


Brand New

Key Yoga Pose Workbook

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