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What our clients say

Image by Martin Péchy
Yoga in Mijas Pueblo

Gill Walker

Great personalised yoga tuition! Lisa provides adapted techniques, poses & props to accommodate my hand problem & other individual’s physical issues. At the same time, she caters for people at a much more advanced yoga level than mine.
I attended a few in-person classes before Covid restrictions kicked in last year. Since then, I have been joining yoga classes virtually with Lisa for the last 10+ months, from a variety of locations in Spain, France & U.K. I plan to join future yoga sessions in the studio in a few weeks. Lovely group. 

Yoga in Mijas Pueblo

Esther Sizeland

I was pregnant when I first started Lisa's classes, and she made me feel very welcome despite it not being a pregnancy class. I attended her classes right up until the birth and she ensured to always give me other options when there were poses I could not manage. Since then I have continued to go to the classes when I can and really enjoy the variety of poses from week to week. Lisa is very professional, accommodating and considerate, making the classes suitable for all levels of yoga students. I would highly recommend her classes.

Yoga in Mijas Pueblo

Keira Coleman,
Keiritas Yoga Thailand

Lisa is a wonderful teacher. Caring compassionate, thoughtful and delighted to have you in class. I've taken both in person and online classes with Lisa. They are tailored to suit individual needs with modifications offered for any of the more challenging postures. I'm looking forward to being back in her class soon.

Image by Martin Péchy
Pavritta Parsvakonasana.png

Kathy C

I love going to Lisa's yoga classes, Lisa is very professional but warm in her nature which puts you at ease and helps your confidence to learn and try new poses. She is always there to help you improve without being pushy, building your confidence and body strength
I highly recommend her for all levels and abilities


Paola D'Amato

Las clases son muy buenas, en español e inglés, Lisa es muy profesional y está al pendiente de tu progreso, de cuáles son las posturas indicadas de acuerdo a tu nivel o si tienes alguna lesión y el momento de la relajación es mágico con sus cuencos. El grupo es muy agradable.

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Emma Garcia

Lisa es majísima y muy profesional, siempre preocupada de que te encuentres bien en las posturas y de cómo puedes mejorar en ellas, hace que sientas que está pendiente de ti, y eso es muy importante

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