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2022 Yoga Hikes!

I'm pleased to announce that this year, we have started our yoga hikes once more! With enthusiastic groups with participants from all over the world, we have hiked up to the Hermita chapel in the Sierra mountains of Mijas to enjoy yoga once more on the flat, smooth marble cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

In January, we had some stunningly clear days when you could see as far as Gibraltar and Africa in the distance. We also had two weeks of clouds that settled over the village of Mijas Pueblo and the coastline, from above the cliffs, it looked as if you were gazing across a sea of clouds.

Sometimes in the early mornings, up in the mountains of Mijas, you can see the native mountain goat grazing on the shrubs on the cliffs.

In our modern world, where we spend our days plugged into our phones and our computers, with many working remotely in the age of COVID-19, it is even more important to reconnect with nature.

Contact with nature allows us to rest and heal, the word "Yoga" in Sanscrit itself means "Unity", and in nature we can experience the connection and unity between our bodies, our breath and the external world around us, re-establishing this relationship that we have lost with nature. Outdoor practice heightens your senses and self-awareness allowing for a greater sense of connection.

Benefits of Yoga in Nature

  • By conscious breathing we bring oxygen to our lungs, improving lung, heart and brain function.

  • We form greater environmental consciousness, creating a relationship of love and respect for nature.

  • We can create new experiences, creating new habits.

  • We sharpen the practice concentration and awareness of ourselves and our environment.

  • We increase our sense of proprioception (the awareness of where our body is in space).

  • We learn to quiet the mind. In nature, the mind is calmer, so we can cultivate a sense of relaxation and peace.

Come and experience the benefits and beauty of yoga hikes in Mijas Pueblo, contact me at


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